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Conduct a Smart Marketing Agency Search
Marketing Matchmaking connects business and agencies

Hiring the right marketing agency can grow your business; hiring the wrong one can be an expensive misstep.

Celebrating 13 years, we've sourced every type of marketing service for a wide range of clients.

As a former top level agency executive, Founder & Chief Marketing Matchmaker, Michele Harris, understands what makes successful client-agency relationships.

Our focus: Finding the right agencies that exceed clients' expectations.

Find your ideal creative, public relations or marketing agency "match".

Smarti Solutions expertly connects businesses with qualified advertising agencies, creative branding, digital, social media, public relations firms and marketing agencies based on needs for experience and success reaching similar objectives while working within budget restraints and situation-specific criteria.

Armed with an intimate knowledge of the agency landscape, a proprietary database of boutique and midsize agencies and a neutral perspective, Smarti Solutions can save you valuable time, maximize your budget, lower your risk and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Your agency search starts here.

Our smarts don't go to our heads...they go to your business objectives.

Business Services:

Consulting Services:
-Agency Search
-Agency Compensation
-Sales and Marketing

Marketing Agency Selection:
-Find qualified marketing agencies
Agency Services:
Business Development:
-New Business Presentations
-Sales Training & Coaching

Agency Registration:
-Find clients suited to strengths
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